Iterview Demetrius Allen

Q1: Tell us something about yourself first. How old are you, where did you play, what positions are you expected to be playing here, how did you get to know the Příbram Bobcats and such?

A1: I’m Demetrius Allen I’m 23 years of age. I signed to Idaho State University division 1aa of out of  highschool. I later transferred to Western Illinois University another division 1aa school.  I finished up at the  Florida Institute of Technology where I earned my Masters Degree in Education. I’m expected to play Linebacker,Defensive End, Tight End and Running Back… Well that's what I was informed by Coach kish. Which isn’t a issue to me since I’m a athlete I’ll play whatever and wherever to win the Czech Championship. I got quite acquainted with the  Příbram Bobcats through europlayers honestly. After finding out about the organization I did a copious amount of research to get more familiarized with the organization. I even reached out to former players and all I got was awesome feedback. This got me even more fired up to join the organization. Reach out to the coaches and that was all she wrote now I’m here proud to say I’m a Bobcat!


Q2: This is your first time travelling across the big pond to play american football in Europe. What do you expect out of the experience and why did you decide to go to play in Europe?

A2: Yes this is my first time travelling across the pond and also being in another country. I’m just thankful for the opportunity and the coaching staff for recognizing my talent. This is a experience of a lifetime and I’m expecting nothing but great things. Most importantly I’m coming to win a championship first and foremost. Secondly, Gain a new perspective on life by learning about the european culture. In addition, build bonds with teammates that'll never be broken for you non athletes out there you wouldn’t be able to relate to what I’m saying. Lastly, I came to play because the organization showed their interest and the city of Příbram is itching for us to bring a championship home… Why not be apart of a group whose hungry for success? I am that's why I decided to come.


Q3: Now for something not really football related. Is there anything you are afraid of by travelling to Europe, especially Czech Republic? Do you think language barrier might be a problem or is there anything else you are worrying about in regards to you life here in Europe? Will you miss your family and friends or are you more excited to make some new friends?

A3: I’m not afraid of travelling to europe because this is an opportunity of a lifetime. Playing the game I love in a country other than the U.S professional ball at that. I’m all smiles over here but I will miss my family being a family oriented guy but as long as my teammates are there I’m unbothered. Now as far as language goes I’m quite sure language will be a issue of course but I’m not worried I could adapt. I’m from the south In the U.S so many people already think it's a language barrier here so in europe I'm pretty sure It’ll be interesting. I’m ready to make new friends and also motivate and help others develop their game , and get to know them on a personal level for sure.


Q4: Do you think you do something in your workout/offseason routine that separates you from the rest and allows you to shine above all others?

A4: In all honestly I’m not one of those guys who do the crazy exercise you see on youtube or anything like that. I keep it simple run, lift and do it ALOT. I make a plan and follow it, what separates me on the field is my determination ,knowledge of the game and what I been through in life and where I'm trying to go. Playing this game you have to find your purpose to play. Ask yourself “Why do I play this game?” If you don't know there's a problem. I do it for my family every time I step on the field my family is on my back and of course I’m doing it for god because he provided me with the abilities to play if it wasn’t for him I couldn't make a tackle. This is what separates me from the rest.


Q5: Do you have any kind of a pre-game ritual? Someone likes to pray, someone likes to meditate - anything like that for you?

A5: I always talk to god I pray and I play with the 23 psalm in my cleats or in my compression shorts. Just giving him the glory before the game,during the game, and after the game. Oh,yeah I listen to music as well this get the blood pumping.... Young Jeezy and Rick Ross Preferably


Q6: From the experience point of view, you are obviously a huge help for our team and you know the game more than the majority of players here in Europe. However, do you think there might be something that you will learn from your european teammates?

A6: Yes of course everything you encounter in life is a learning experience. I try to learn from every situation whether it's good or bad. What I’ll learn I have no clue but I know for a fact I’ll learn something. Maybe a european dance for when I score :)


Q7: How much are you looking forward to the season? You seem to be a very enthusiastic player with a lot of energy, do you transfer that to the field as well?

A7:  I’m looking for a lot this this season. Like I mentioned earlier I’m going to make sure we get to the championship and WIN! I’m very laid back cool guy but yes indeed I bring emotions to the field. I have to because being a linebacker  or a player your teammates look up to they feed off your energy. I’m not the guy to do all the talking and yelling but I will lay a hit on a ball carrier that sounds like a bomb went off. So be ready to feed off that guys ain’t no better feeling.


Q8: What is one word or phrase that you hope your new teammates will use to describe you?

A8:  Determined


Q9: What do you think is your biggest sports accomplishment?

A9: My biggest sport accomplishment is here right now… Playing professional football been a goal of mine since I was 4 years old.

Q10: Is there anything you’d like to say to your soon-to-be teammates or leave a message for your opponents?

A10:  To my soon to be teammates “Don’t be afraid to be great”

To our opponents “Bow Down”