Q1: Please, shortly introduce yourself to everyone. How long have you been playing, how did you get to play football etc.

A1:My name is Marco and this is my 9th season and first one as professional. I started to play football at the age of 12 and i fell in love with football immediately.

My first positions i played was MLB and RB, but later on i eventually settled as a Lineman.


Q2: How did you get to know the Příbram Bobcats and do you know anything about the city of Příbram or the Bobcats club success?

A2: I do know about Bobcats that they have been in the Czech Bowl in the past, and they’ve had good seasons and bad seasons like every team sometimes along the way.

The city of Pribram: never been and i don't know much about the place, but i can't wait to get there and see it myself.


Q3: Who is your biggest role model, either from NFL or someone you know personally and why?

A3: My biggest role model personally is my first coach Mika. He taught me almost everything i know about football and he is not just a coach, he is a lot more.  But in the NFL i think JJ Watt and Ray Lewis.


Q4: Now for something not really football related. Is there anything you are afraid of by travelling to Czech Republic? Do you think language barrier might be a problem or is there anything else you are worrying about in regards to you life here in Czech Republic? Will you miss your family and friends or are you more excited to make some new friends?

A4: Of course i will miss my friends and family, but at the same time I'm excited to make new friends and see the country. I'm not afraid of anything considering Czech Republic. Language barrier might be a problem at first, but I think i can figure it out. I take this seriously, so im not going to stress too much, just concentrate to football.


Q5: Have you played in any european country apart from Finland?

A5: No, this is my first trip to europe as a football player.


Q6: What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?

A6: Explosive power and agility. Good motivation, my goal is to train to get better and get my team all the way to the Czech Bowl and WIN it!

Q7: Is there anything you’d like to say to your soon-to-be teammates or leave a message for your opponents?

A7: I think that we can teach a lot of different things to each other and get better as football players. Obviously im excited to get there and play with you guys.

Opponents better watch out! We are coming like a train and this train does NOT stop!