Hello Craig!

First of all, I’d love to welcome you to Příbram Bobcats on behalf of all of our players, coaches and other team members, we’re really happy to have you with us and I hope you will enjoy your time here as much as possible!


Now for the actual interview!


Q1: How did you get to know the Příbram Bobcats and do you know anything about the city of Příbram or the Bobcats club success?

A1: I found out about the team from former college and Austrian league teammate Zacch McCaskill. Also former Swiss league teammate Melvin Davis and friends like Columbus Givens, Scott Doherty have played there so I've always paid attention to and been in contact with the Bobcats since 2014-2015. I know that the team has been in the Czech Bowl 2 out of the last 3 seasons.


Q2: Quarterback is obviously the most essential team member - he pulls the team together and is perceived as the leading player. How do you feel about being in this position in a team in Europe, where the quarterbacks are crucial to the team success probably more than in the US?

A2: I take pride in playing QB. It is viewed as 1 of if not thee most crucial and pressured position. I enjoy being a leader it's how I was raised, performing under pressure, and always responding when needed. In Europe the QB is usually expected to have input in game planning, training, play calling which I enjoy because I am a high school football coach here in the States.


Q3: Now for something not really football related. Is there anything you are afraid of by travelling to Europe, especially Czech Republic? Do you think language barrier might be a problem or is there anything else you are worrying about in regards to you life here in Europe? Will you miss your family and friends or are you more excited to make some new friends?

A3: Language barrier is always tough at the beginning but I plan on learning the language (or at least trying to). I will definitely miss my family but they will come over this Summer after my kids are out of school. I enjoy new places and living in and being apart of new cultures and making new friends / teammates.


Q4: You’ve already played football in Europe before, would you care to share your experiences with us in the form of a few sentences? How much do US and EU football teams differ in your opinion?


I've played in Switzerland,Austria and Finland those are all great place.

Expensive at times but I enjoyed all 3 places very much on and off the field people were friendly and open.

As far as football it's competitive and has really grown for college athletes who aren't playing in the NFL or CFL after college.

People always ask what's the level of competition comparable too some say lower level college... I feel that it is man vs. man so it's competitive football player against football player so I enjoy every snap and season!



Q5: Do you have any kind of a pre-game ritual? Someone likes to pray, someone likes to meditate - anything like that for you?

A5: Pre game I usually get a few messages from my family wishing me luck and from my brothers (one who also plays QB overseas). When I get to the field I like to walk the field then I have a warm up routine I go through. Then right after the coin toss I say a little prayer before kickoff.


Q6: From the experience point of view, you are obviously a huge help for our team and you know the game more than the majority of players here in Europe. However, do you think there might be something that you will learn from your european teammates?


A6: I definitely will learn from my teammates there in Pribram you guys have played in the Czech League and obviously had success so you'll know personnel (players) a lot better than me, tendencies teams have, so I look to learn but also share my knowledge if needed.


Q7: What is your philosophy on discipline?

A7:  My philosophy as far as discipline for football ? I am a strong believer in discipline as a Father, Teacher, & Football coach. With that I also believe people make mistakes and deserve a second chance and should be able to right their wrongs!


Q8: What is one word or phrase that you hope your new teammates will use to describe you?

A8:  A word (or a few words) I hope my teammates use to describe me will be

•Genuine (one of a kind)


•And in July I look to be know as a Czech Bowl CHAMPION


Q9: What do you think is your biggest sports accomplishment?

A9: To be honest my biggest sports accomplishment in my eyes is yet to come. I lost a State Championship in High school growing up in California, I lost the Swiss Bowl in 2010, and I won the 2nd League Iron Bowl in Austria in 2014...

So if I had to say the biggest up until this point would be being a Professional Athlete and things the game has given me. Being able to see

Paris France

Venice Italy

Zurich Switzerland

Munich Germany

Vienna Austria

Budapest Hungary

Prague Czech Republic

Warsaw Poland

Helsinki Finland

Stockholm Sweden ..... many more places I just list the big cities but it has given me a lot.


Q10: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A10:  My inspiration comes from a drive within myself and from my family. I was raised to pursue my dreams and we are raising our kids the same way I have two sons ages 8 & 5 and a 3 year old daughter and we will push them to chase a dream and when you catch it enjoy it. I always wanted to be a professional athlete of course I thought NFL growing up and now I wouldn't change playing in Europe for the NFL except maybe the money (the NFL millions).