Interview Riccardo Ruiz

Q1: Tell us something about yourself first. How old are you, where do you come from, where did you play, what positions are you expected to be playing here, how did you get to know the Příbram Bobcats and such?

A1: I’m 28 years old, I come from Guadalajara; Jalisco. Mexico. I played my early years for the Gatos Salvajes (Wildcats) of the State College in Queretaro City (UAQ), after that I got a scholarship to play and study in a private college at UVM Campus Queretaro and Campus Guadalajara. I expect to contribute on the offensive side on the ball as a RB and/or WR if needed, as well as Special Teams, and whatever it’s in my reach to help the team add some points on the scoreboard.


Q2: Is this your first time playing football in Europe? Do you follow the Czech football scene?

A2: It’s my first time playing in europe, I’m really happy for the given opportunity, I followed last season some of the games through the Czech Bowl, and I’m really excited to play here and make this a great season.


Q3: You are joining the team along with a few guys that you’ve already known for some time. Do you think you will be able to benefit from this fact?

A3: I think that is a good thing, as you said it we already know each other for some time now and we know our strengths and how we can complement and contibute on both sides of the ball in order to give our best performance this upcoming season.


Q4: Who and why is your biggest football icon? Can be someone from the NFL or someone you know personally.

A4: I’ve always admired Terrell Davis (RB) and Rod Smith (WR) both formers player for the Denver Broncos, because of their work ethics, I learn from them football is about commitment in and off the field, during season and during offseason as well. Also to work hard, stay humble and let the results speak for themselves.


Q5: What is your best football memory?

A5: It would be all the championships but if I have to choose one, that must be 2011 UVM Guadalajara National Championship.


Q6: Is there anything you’d like to say to your teammates or leave a message for your opponents?

A6:  To all the Bobcats family: First of all, as I said it before,  thanks for the opportunity, thanks for all the support, and that if there’s anything I can do to help any of the guys just let me know.

As for the other teams: I’d rather let the season speak for itself.